Should I customize my racquet?

Very simple answer to this question is yes. You already do this to some extent without even thinking about it as customizing. You pick a racquet by it’s head size, weight, power level … You then get it strung with a string that fits your style of play at a tension that works for you. All these things are part of customizing. We can take this to next level by matching all rackets, changing handle shape, changing specs of the racket so that it plays even better, you get more game out of your frame!

Customizing Services

GET MORE GAME FROM YOUR RACQUET by adjusting it to you.  Let your racket truly be an extension of your arm with any of the following options:
Weighting– whether it be the addition or removal of weight.
Balancing– going head heavy, handle heavy, or something in the middle.
Lengthening– not all rackets have to be the retail 27 inches.  You can go as high as the legal limit of 29 inches.
Matching – racquets can differ slightly from manufacturing.  We can fix those imperfections so they are all your lucky racquet.
Pallets– increasing or decreasing your grip size as well as changes the octagonal shape.
Molding– repairing wobbling butt caps, increasing or decreasing grip sizes.
Grip Shaving- decreasing the grip handle and even achieving sizes outside the normal 1/8 inch realm.
Grommets– replacing the bumpers and plastic protecting your frame.